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Permit to Work & Isolation Management Systems

Permit to Work Right Solutions have experienced electrical and OSH personnel, who have used, worked with and designed Permit to Work Processes and supply the following Services:

 • Desk Top, Field Review and Gap Analysis of PTW systems
 • Modification and major re-design
 • Development of Client Server or Cloud based Permit to Work management Systems
 • PTW Training, Coaching and Mentoring of employees (Users) and direct line managers
 • Targeted site inspections and compliance audits
 • Investigation and reports on PTW incidents

Isolation Management Systems Significant safety and costly time wasting administration issues are apparent in many client isolation processes such as:

 • Lengthy isolation permit processing and authorisation time
 • Lengthy time to isolate plant and equipment
 • Inadequate verification of correct isolation points
 • P&I Drawings and SL Diagrams are not up to date or do not reflect changes to plant processes
 • Isolation procedures are too complex and error enforcing
 • Inadequate training in isolation procedures
 • Inadequate compliance auditing of the implementation of isolation procedures
 • Inadequate review of the effectiveness and efficiency isolation procedures
 • Poor labelling of isolation points on drawings and in the field
 • Inadequate investigation of isolation incidents
 • Poor understanding of stored energy sources such as pressure.
 • Poor understanding of what can go wrong at initial plant (first time) energisation and loading

Right Solutions have specialists (engineering, trade and OHS) who have extensive experience in the design and implementation of plant isolation systems and investigation of incident and provide the following services.

 • Procedural Compliance Audits
 • Review, assess and customise client isolation procedures and determine requirements to reduce administration time and improve the reliability of isolations.
 • Develop set piece isolation lists for standard tasks
 • Inspection of the accuracy of labelling of isolation points on drawings and in the field – and relabelling as required
 • Assessing the client change control processes for isolation points when plants are modified or upgraded
 • Training in isolation systems and procedures
 • Detailed investigations of isolation incidents
 • Provide advice on commercially available electronic isolation systems

OHS Auditing & Incident Investigations

Incident Investigations

Clear and thorough incident investigations are essential for organisations as they:

 • Determine contributing factor and root causes and corrective actions
 • Identify gaps in the corporate behaviour and culture
 • Are a key factor in minimising the likelihood of litigation actions – both common law and statutory
 • Inform, educate and embed real life lessons for investigation team members such senior managers and supervisors

Right Solutions incident investigators have wide ranging experience in the investigation of fatalities, process plant failures, above ground and underground mining incidents and high risk potential events and provide the following services:

 • Provide experienced facilitators to assist and lead teams in undertaking complex investigations
 • Conduct independent investigations and produce comprehensive reports for clients
 • Determine the existence and nature of latent conditions in the organisation
 • Conduct investigations under the protection of “Legal Privilege” for the organisation appointed legal representatives
 • Conduct follow up audits to determine the implementation and effectiveness of corrective actions

OHS Auditing External and independent auditing provides organisations with a clear view of the implementation, effectiveness, compliance and quality of their OHS Management Systems, Plans, Procedures and Forms. Right Solutions consultants are qualified OHS Auditors and have obtained international certification such as RABQSA Lead OHS Auditor and conduct audits such as:

 • Contract Compliance
 • AS4801 Compliance
 • Safety Management System and Safety Management Plan Compliance
 • Targeted compliance audits of High Risk Task Procedures - such as tasks involving confined space, Plant Isolations, traffic management and excavation/penetration.
 • Corrective Action audits – implementation and effectiveness

Specialised Mining Services

In order to meet new Western Australian Mining OHS legislative requirements, Right Solutions Australia review client OHS documentation including the existing Mine Project Management Plan and convert these documents into a Safety Management system, Safety Management Plan with associated procedures and forms.

Right Solutions Australia facilitates and assists clients with the development of Principal Hazard Management plans (PHMP) and Principal Control Plans (PCP).

Right Solutions Australia consultants have over 20 years’ experience in mining operations (open cut and underground) and mineral processing plants and are familiar with Western Australian Mining Legislation and have been lead coordinators and contributors to Mine Project Management Plans

OHS Systems - Business Integration

Right Solutions Australia can assist clients in the elimination and reduction of common issues found with OHS management systems, Plans Procedures and Forms. Issues include:

 • Electronic OHS management database system not customised to client requirements & not used effectively.
 • Documents are poorly written – Not targeted to the user audience - Too wordy and too lengthy and difficult to follow and implement.
 • No document or version control systems.
 • Poor use of Microsoft office (word) and ADOBE applications for document quality and management.
 • Variable document formatting and too many documents.
 • Standard reports and inspections are hand written and are required substantial time to be input by hand into the client electronic OHS management system database.
 • Procedures and accompanying forms are not “Road Tested” to determine useability and effectiveness prior to implementation.
 • Unnecessary OHS administration workload for supervisors and employers - in many cases doing OHS tasks that add no real value because the system demands these are done to meet a quota.

Right Solutions Australia consultants are experienced in Safety Management Systems, associated OHS documents and electronic document management systems such as MYOSH.
Right Solutions Australia can assist clients with their management systems by:

 • Applying a “5S Lean Engineering” approach and designing an OHS management system which is integrated into the existing business systems and business operations.
 • Assisting clients to get better use out of their existing commercial electronic database management systems and closing off redundant sections.
 • Elimination of routine handwritten forms and reports through the use of voice to text and wireless technology reporting; with direct upload to client electronic document management systems.

Business Improvement

Right Solutions Business Improvement Consultants are experienced in assisting companies such as Chevron (Gorgon Project) , Newcrest (Telfer Operations), Metals & Mining Group (MMG), SMS Innovative Mining Solutions and Virtual Motorsport Racing Technology in identifying and implementing process improvement opportunities through Value Stream and Process Flow Mapping and application of tools such as Lean A3 (PDCA) and Six Sigma DMAIC project management methodologies, Standardised Work Practice, 5S and Visual Management.