Keeping the lights on

Our IT consultants believe that the key to keeping the lights burning is successful collaboration. Through collaboration we can empower your key personal working in a distributed environment to make informed and responsive decisions. Collaboration helps to transform the workgroup whilst providing business with the agility required to perform.

Our group of IT consultants have worked in the mining, construction, and financial services areas for 20+ years, having worked in remote locations providing complete outsourced solutions to projects. Our services have guided projects from prefeasibility to operations, and once in operations, provided the level of support required both on-site and remotely. The IT Group have be able to provide complete business continuity across all of these business sectors.

IT consultants Supporting Business Assets


Supporting Business Assets

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IT consultants Cloud computing & visualization


Cloud Computing & Visualization

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IT Consultancy


IT&C Consultancy

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Supporting business assets

Assets by our terms, are the people that add value to the business on a daily basis. These assets are the most valuable assets in the business and as such ,need to be provided with the level of support required to keep them driving the business outcomes. Right Solutions understand that from a VIP to a remote operator, these assets need various levels of support. Having a team that has provided this level of support to some of the most remote locations in Australia and overseas, we can provide a cost effective option to keep your keys assets operational.

Cloud computing & visualization

Transforming the infrastructure landscape, cloud computing and virtualization can provide business with the platform to manage costs whilst giving business the agility to scale based on current day needs. Virtualization can provide a platform to rapidly deploy services to meet business needs, whist cloud services can also provide for an easy to scale deployment with the provider managing the service delivery and infrastructure overhead. Right Solutions defines itself as a virtual office, utilizing 100% cloud hosted services to provide its team of consultants with a platform that supports them globally, with no fixed address. Rights Solutions work closely with global vendors Microsoft, VMWare, and Cisco to provide the platforms that will best meet your key business drivers.

IT Consultancy

Right Solutions strive to build a partnership that’s about providing business based solutions that meet business needs. We look at the business value, or return on investment as a key part of any solution. We don’t believe in finding a technology solution that’s looking for a home. We believe that aligning with “Best Practice” providing great solutions with the greatest returns.