The Right Balance

Right Solutions environmental consultants have worked in senior management operations and senior consultant roles for a diverse range of mining companies and government entities including the Newcrest Telfer Gold Mine expansion project, Mount Magnet South Kirkalocka Project, Rio Tinto Hamersley Iron Operations and the City of Wanneroo waste capture and recycling facility.

Right Solutions environmental consultants work with Tier 1 businesses and integrate environmental requirements at the earliest possible stage to keep costs low and under control. Our consultants maintain close and professional relations with various government environmental entities and have achieved a track record of obtaining some of the fastest approvals for major projects with the minimum of rework at a low cost base for clients and employers.

Right Solutions are able to provide specialist expertise in Environmental Management Processes (ISO 14001), Environmental and Hydrogeological Approvals and Permitting, Ongoing Environmental Governance and Improvement Strategies and Environmental Compliance Management.


Environmental Management

Right Solutions provides environmental services to facilitate environmental management and services to meet client’s short and long term requirements. Details of services include:
  • • Project scoping and strategy planning
  • • desktop assessments,
  • • risk assessments and gap analysis,
  • • scheduling and budgeting
  • • Environmental Approvals and Permitting
  • • Environmental assessments – biological surveys (e.g. flora and fauna) and physical assessments (e.g. soil, water and air)
  • • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • • Stakeholder and Regulator liaison
  • • Identification and implementation of offset strategies for critical assets
  • • Environmental management plans and procedures
  • • Annual statutory environmental reporting
  • • Environmental incident investigation
  • • Ongoing offsets management
  • • Operating Licence, works approval, ministerial condition controlled action compliance auditing.

Approvals and Permitting

Rights Solutions environmental consultants take a holistic approach to the management of environmental approvals and permitting. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a fundamental part of the approvals and permitting process. Right Solutions believes a well-developed impact assessment will ensure key environmental factors and/or risks can be identified, and management strategies developed early in the approvals process. This provides confidence to regulators and results in fewer conditions upon project approval. Some examples of WA approvals and permitting include:
  • • Referral and Controlled Actions - Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
  • • Referrals API PER S45C - Environmental Protection Act 1986
  • • Native vegetation Clearing permits Works Approvals Operating licences/Prescribed premise licences - Environmental Protection Act 1986 Part V
  • • Mining Proposals, Mine Closure Plans , Programme of Works Applications - Mining Act 1987
  • • Licence to take water (s5C), Licence to construct or alter a well (s26D), Licence to interfere or obstruct the bed and banks of a watercourse or wetland, groundwater operating strategies - Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914
Right Solutions is a national company and is also able to assist with Qld, NSW, NT, Victoria, Tasmania and ACT environmental assessments and approval documentation.

Environmental governance and improvement strategies

Right Solutions environmental consultants are experienced in implementing cost reductions through effective Environmental Governance and including:
  • • Developing a cost effective approvals strategy which includes the management of baseline studies.
  • • Participating in the scoping stage for plant and equipment
  • • Develop and implement ongoing Community and Regulator Consultation Plan
  • • Developing useful and easy to follow procedures to minimise hydrocarbon and chemical spills;
  • • Developing a mine closure or rehabilitation plan at the commencement of a project
  • • Undertake an assessment of client’s approvals and compliance requirements to ensure all environmental and hydrogeological approvals are in place and conditions are adequately met.
  • • Developing opportunities to reduce costs by increasing efficiencies in monitoring and management systems and negotiate changes with relevant Regulators.

Environmental Compliance

Right Solutions services include:
  • • Preparation of obligation lists for our client’s environmental approval conditions and commitments
  • • Undertake inspections and propose changes where necessary to meet environmental obligations
  • • Develop and/or undertake audits for compliance with conditions for EPBC Act Approvals, Ministerial Statements, EP Act Licence, Works Approvals, tenement conditions etc.…
  • • Prepare monitoring guidelines or procedures for groundwater, rehabilitation (Landscape function analysis), dust and other relevant environmental factors and/or undertake monitoring if required
  • • Design Environmental Management Systems to ensure compliance with environmental obligations
  • • Undertake statutory reporting for environmental incidents and non-compliances
  • • Preparation of internal monthly reporting
  • • Preparation of statutory annual reporting in accordance with environmental approval requirements
  • • Due diligence for feasibility studies;